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Stay Refreshed with Customized Air Purification for Your Home

Wells Air Purifier

Now, Air Should Be Customized
as Well! Customized Purification as You Like

Choose from 6 types of filters customized for your lifestyle and family needs!
The custom filter that fits your home environment will provide you with fresh air.

Ultra-Fine Dust Filter

For families with small children
or sensitive respiratory systems,
remain assured with the Ultrafine Dust Filter!

Deodorization Filter

If you are worried about daily odor
in a poorly ventilated environment,
stay refreshed with the Indoor Deodorization Filter!

Allergy Filter

Allergy Filter for sensitive allergic reactions
such as fine dust and pollen!

Sick House Syndromes Filter

Refresh yourself with the New House Deodorization Filter
if you move into a new building or after renovation!

Exhaust Gas Filter

Stay safe with the Exhaust Emission Filter
if you are located near roads and factories
and worried about hazardous pollutants!

Pet Filter

Enjoy fresh air with your pet using
the Pet Filter from the odor of your pet’s bathroom needs!

Removing Ultra-micro-fine Dust
with Zero Clear HEPA Filter

A filter consisting of 3 to 4 steps filters out large particles from the air to ultra-micro-fine dust.
Enjoy a clean and purified day without worries!
*Limited to some models.

Air Purifier that
Fits Anywhere
in Your Home

From tower-type for a stylish living room to small
and adorable air purifiers for your children’s room.
Choose from a variety of Wells Air Purifiers
that suit your living space and family members.

A Variety of Wells Air Purifiers Perfect
Perfect for Your Home Space

Wells Air Purifier

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